Recurring Contributions

One-time Contributions

how is my gift used?

first, thank you for contributing!  you should know that your generous gift is not a simply a payment; it is an investment in a person's future.; a gateway from dependence to independence.  

89.91% of your contribution directly benefits the mission!  
(only 10.09% is used for administration overhead)

your gift is greatly needed and appreciated and will be applied to classroom training for our students.  our entire mission would not be possible without your help.  funding pays for basic 501(C)(3) administration, trained and certified instructors, computer equipment and peripheral devices like routers, printers, electronic components, wiring/wireless products, dry erase boards and common office supplies which are used for laboratory training.  many of our students do not have basic means of transportation to and from the classroom which can be miles away.  we try to provide this service for our students.  

we believe in rewarding hard work and initiative.  all students that are accepted have almost no technical knowledge of computers and must go though all 3 levels of class.  no student will enter the advanced level without successfully completing the first two levels.  academic accomplishment of our students for every level of training is recognized in the following ways:
Certificates of Completion (for successful completion of Introductory class)

Trophies (for successful completion of Intermediate class)

Tiered Awards (for graduates of Advanced class only) PER GRADE POINT AVERAGE 

additionally, funds will be used for the purchase of common utilities for the classroom environment like electricity, heat/cooling, water, and internet access.  

where possible, we will always try to obtain items like desks, chairs and even computer equipment donations from benefactors free of charge.  by doing this, your monetary contribution goes further and allows our program to last longer.